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What is LimuPlex™?

  LimuPlex™ is a very unique product because of its ability to balance the whole body, rather than having an effect on individual systems or organs.

LimuPlex™ will have a positive effect on the structure and function of the nervous system, including and not limited to: mood, concentration, memory, depression, anxiety, and symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, senility, and more.

LimuPlex™ will have a balancing effect on all the glands in the body, including and not limited to: Pineal gland which regulates sleep; Hypothalamus which controls hunger, appetite, and cravings; Pituitary gland which when functions properly slows down aging; Thyroid involved in body’s metabolism including weight management, and energy; Adrenal glands which regulate stress response, inflammation, blood pressure, allergies, and the accumulation of fat in the midriff; Ovaries, Prostate, Testes are the male and female glands that regulate the sexual desires, performance, and fertility.


LimuPlex™ will have a modulating effect on the function of the immune system. Because LimuPlex™ contains all the immune factors necessary for optimal health it may be beneficial to individuals with either an over-active as well an under-active immune system.

How is LimuPlex™ different from other Limu products?
  LimuPlex™ is a combination of two (2) super foods: True colostrum and Laminaria Japonica species of sea weed.

True colostrum contains over 400 different components including and not limited to:
  • Over 95+ Immune Factors
  • All 87 Natural Anti-Aging Growth Factors, including IGF-I & IGF-II - (IGFs)
  • All metabolic factors, including Leptin
Laminaria Japonica, the species of limu used in making LimuPlex™ is very rich in fucoidans and especially in a U-Fucoidan. U-Fucoidan has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on apoptosis, a natural innate process of self destructing cancer cells.

In its natural state limu contains between 2.5% - 4.5% fucoidans, however, all the studies done with fucoidan have utilized a concentration many times higher. The results have been dosage dependent. The higher the concentration of fucoidan the more positive have been the results. Therefore LimuPlex™ contains up to 90% concentration of fucoidan in the base of whole limu for best results.

In addition to a high concentration of fucoidans LimuPlex™ contains alginates, laminarins, essential glyconutrients, 72 naturally bound minerals, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

LimuPlex™ is the only dietary supplement that contains all eight (8) essential glyconutrients. Glyconutrients are essential for the function of every cell in the body, especially the central nervous system.

Why is LimuPlex™ in a powder?
  1. The active ingredients are solid particles, not water. By not shipping water cuts down on shipping cost, thus greatly reduces the price to the consumer.

  2. It comes in individual packets, hence it is very portable. You can take LimuPlex™ virtually anywhere, and when you are ready, just add water and drink the refreshing drink of LimuPlex™.

  3. It is an effervescent drink, this allows for better bioavailability of the active ingredients.

  4. It is an isotonic delivery system which allows for a faster delivery of the active ingredients, independent of the state of health of your digestive system. This means that your body gets the nutrients faster than by other delivery methods.
Is LimuPlex™ heat treated?
  No. Because LimuPlex™ is not water based, there is no pasteurization required. LimuPlex™ is prepared at a temperature where the integrity of the active components is completely maintained.

Does LimuPlex™ contain sugar?

Is LimuPlex™ sweetened?
  Yes, but through natural ingridents.

Does LimuPlex™ contain preservatives?

What is the dosage for a healthy individual?
  One packet or scoop per day.

Is LimuPlex™ safe for children?

Are there any counter indications for individuals taking medications?

No counter indications have been reported, we recommend that you advise your health care practitioner that you are taking LimuPlex™. As with all supplements, take LimuPlex™ at least one hour apart from any medication?

If you have allergies to seaweed try LimuPlex™ in small dosage to lessen any possible reaction.

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