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What do the experts say the future holds

We find ourselves presently on the brink of a “paradigm shift’ in medical thinking. The aging of the “baby boomer generation,” and the emergence of the Internet, add up to a powerful combination that will accelerate the rate of change in the American health care system, unprecedented until now.

Dr. George Lundberg, M.D. writes in his book “Severed Trust: Why American Medicine Hasn’t Been Fixed,” that patients are less concerned about diagnosis, and more concerned about how they feel. He further states that it is less important to know how people are going to die, but it is more important to know what they should do to reach the eight, ninth, or tenth decade of life in good health.

Evidence further suggests that disease, including chronic degenerative disease, is not the inevitable consequence of aging, but rather it is the result of the individual’s Neuro-endocrine-immune (NEI) system’s response to a stressful environment. Under chronic stress, an individual becomes insulin-resistant, sex drive goes down, muscle start to lose tone, and the body starts to take on an “apple” shape, blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure increase. Fatigue sets in and sleep becomes restless. An individual slips toward depression and inflammation increases. Immune defense against common infections like cold and flu decrease, and basic zest for life is diminished.

What does that mean for you and me

This year, approximately 156 people every hour will learn they have cancer, and by the end of 2004, 563,700 people will have died from cancer in the United States, according to a report from the American Cancer Society.

Our collective desires in the recent decades have been focused on finding answers to cure the most dreadful diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental distress, obesity, and many others.

Most people probably expected the answers to come from big pharmaceutical conglomerates, and to be announced on the six o’clock news. But what if the help arrives by your neighbor, not by your doctor, will that make it less effective?


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