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Welcome to the Island of Longevity, also known as Hachi Jo. The people of Hachi Jo are rarely infected with diseases such cancer, irregular blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, and more. They attribute their good fortune to their high consumption of a brown seaweed called Limu.

What Is Limu?

Limu, or Laminaria Japonica, is a member of the brown seaweed family. The word "Limu" is literally translated as "seaweed". The consumption of seaweed has long been known to help boost the immune system and overall health in the human body.

Are All Limu Products The Same?

No. Laminara Japonica contains the highest concentrations of nutrients found in any variety of Limu in the world. Limu contains Fucoidan, what Japanese researchers have called "Mother's Milk from the Sea". In fact, LimuPlex™ is the only Limu product available that combines "Mother's Milk from the Land" (Colostrum) with "Mother's Milk from the Sea" (Limu). LimuPlex™ simultaneously supports your most important systems: the nervous system, the endocrine/gladular system, and the immune system, your only defense against illness and disease.


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