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“As a Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor I have searched for many years to find a product such as LimuPlex™. The results I am seeing with my clients are unsurpassed. As a former researcher at a famous cancer research center, I know first hand the importance of a strong immune system. I truly believe that anyone who wants to get healthy and anyone who wants to stay healthy should take LimuPlex™ on a daily basis.”
- Ria M. Gilday, N.D., C.N.

“I did not get a flu shot this year but I did get the flu. Luckily the LimuPlex™ arrived just as the symptoms worsened. Hard to believe but in 24 hours I was symptom free.”
- Santiago Pizarro

“Soon after my 40th birthday I noticed that reading my evening newspaper became more and more challenging. I was ready to make an appointment with my ophthalmologist for reading glasses when I was introduced to LimuPlex™. Several weeks passed and suddenly I realized I no longer had difficulty reading newspaper or any other small print. After about 3 months using LimuPlex™ my vision is perfect, I sleep more soundly, my energy level is as it was in my twenties, and generally I feel great.”
- Denis Wargo

“For the passed two years I have been feeling more fatigued, gained extra pounds around my middle, but the strangest thing that has happened was the loss of body hair on my legs. When I asked doctors no one had any suggestions, I recently found out that loss of body hair in male is a sign of thyroid disfunction I have been taking LimuPlex™ for the past four months and two weeks ago my wife noticed that the hair on my legs is growing back. I also noticed I feel much less fatigued, and I’m slowly loosing the inches around my middle.”
- K. Paul

“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you – LimuPlex™! Each night for the past 2 years I would wake up drenched with sweat at least once during the night. Not only was my sleep interrupted, I could not go back to sleep, and I woke up tired, cranky, and moody. Since I refused HRT the doctor said I’ll just have to learn to live with it. At times I wondered if I would have the strength to go on. I was introduced to LimuPlex™ for the benefits that it could give me with my immunity, and 5 days after I started taking LimuPlex™ I had my first night sleep in more than 2 years, I was astonished, in disbelief, could it be? Is this delicious drink gong to take care of my nightly ritual? It has been 4 months now and I am free of the hot flashes, night sweats, in addition my energy is much better, and my thyroid and adrenals are slowly being strengthened. Again ‘thank you’ LimuPlex™.”
- M. Miller

“I have been on LimuPlex™ for 6 weeks, during that time I have had two separate appointments with my Ophthalmologist. He informed me during my second appointment that the glaucoma I had in my eyes has disappeared from my left eye, and the right eye was also much better. Thank you NaturScience.”
- Anne H. Age 84

Dear Dr. Ria,

I came to you two months ago to seek treatment for recurring urinary track infections. I was frustrated after being on prescribed antibiotics frequently over the past year without any progress in determining a cause or hope of preventing future infections. After two months of following your prescribed program, I am happy to advise you of very positive results. In addition to helping my weakened immune system with LimuPlex™ you placed me on the Body By Design program. I can advise you of the following changes I have experienced:

  • ph test of urine shows decreased acid level
  • I have lost 12 lbs.
  • I have lost more than 9 inches overall with apparent results in the middle. Slacks and skirts I have not been able to button for several months fit well.
  • I am sleeping through the night most nights, which I haven’t done in 3 years.
  • I am no longer on an antidepressant medication and feel so much better. I am more energetic and feel more positive.
  • My doctor has taken me off of one of two medications I am taking for high blood pressure. My blood pressure has stabilized.

I came to you truthfully out of desperation. My overall health had in my opinion declined to the point where I had difficulty digesting any food I ate, I couldn’t sleep and had no energy. I knew I was at a point where I had to take control of the situation and do something very different. After two months I am amazed at how much better I feel. I think “depression” is a vicious cycle. If you are depressed, you don’t feel well and not feeling healthy results in mental depression as well. I feel confident you have helped me break this cycle. My emotional health has improved with my physical health. I am beginning to feel like me again!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Nancy Buckler

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